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We approach each project with superior professionalism. Our experience, knowledge and safety are what set us apart from others. We are able to take on all projects from large to small.

Agricultural Drainage

Our team offers extensive professional experience installing drain tile systems. The systems remove excess water from the subsurface and provide optimum moisture content for your crop, promoting deep, healthy root growth.


Directional Drilling

Our team uses a steerable trenchless method of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) to install underground pipes, conduit and cables for projects involving water, power, telecommunications, fiber, sewer, gas and more. 

Roll-Off Dumpster Service

Roll-Off Dumpsters are available in the Fargo-Moorhead and surrounding areas for delivery to construction sites, local businesses or your home. Whether you are contractor or a homeowner you can safely rely on our roll-off dumpsters.

General Excavation

We bring the necessary experience and equipment to install water and sewer mains, complete site development and preparation, and provide drainage work services. GPS capabilities make our heavy equipment extremely accurate. This can reduce surveying and material costs required for a specific job.

Utility Plowing

Our plowing services make quick work of burying pipes, conduit and cables for communication, electric and water lines, especially in rural areas. We can plow as deep as 96 inches, giving rural companies an easy solution for their buried infrastructure needs.

Utility Trenching

We offer trenching services for projects such as power, telecommunications and fiber lines. We’re capable of trenching as deep as 52 inches for simple installation of pipes, conduit and cables.

GPS Services

Our GPS services include full designbuilds for site work, topographical maps of existing sites, as-built drawings, pre-construction site takeoffs, and more.

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